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Sacramento Motorcycle Service Center


Internal Divisional Website (Proprietary Information Removed)


Sample Photographer Page


Sample Gallery

Articles Written for Government Technology Magazine or its Affiliates

A Manager's Briefing on Metatags (PDF Format)


XML Briefing for Managers (PDF Format)

Published Articles and Press Releases: Word Format

FreeMarkets Uses Microsoft Datacenter Server . . . (1,000 words)


Navy GME Uses Handhelds to Reduce . . . (850 words)


Press Release: Danzas AEI / Interliant (1,200 words)


Press Release: Aberdeen Proving Grounds / Unicenter TNG (650 words)

Sample Help File

Help system created using RoboHelp

Technician's Procedural Documents: PDF Format

Catalog System Version II Implementation (827 kb, 44 pages)


Operations Reference Binder (9.9 mb, 911 pages, ongoing)


A Comprehensice Guide To The User Management System (1.09 mb, 68 pages, incomplete)

Software Guides and Instructional Procedures For End Users: PDF Format

QuickBooks Point of Sale v. 7.0 User's Guide(14 mb, 700 pages)


Catalog Flat-File Conversion Utility (42 kb, 4 pages)


Navigating The UPC Catalog Web Site (775 kb, 18 pages)


The UPC Catalog Web Site: Editing Features (406 kb, 14 pages)


New Interchange Procedures For RPRO 6.5x EDI Tool Users (1.04 mb, 18 pages)


SPS Business Yellow Pages: A How-To Guide (766 kb, 11 pages)

Fiction: PDF Format

Read Book One of the Novel The Flames Of The Phoenix


2003 Web Award

*The items linked above are owned by the author or are the exclusive property of the parties that commissioned the work and are available here by persmission solely as representative samples of work previously done. Samples on this page may not be printed or published without the owner's consent.

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